Hi, my name is Suelen.  I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner with a focus on brain health.

I believe everyone should aim to fill their life with their own version of happiness. And I believe a healthy functioning brain is the golden key to strength, resilience and a positive mindset which promotes that happiness.

My passion is to help people build better brains!


A little about my journey here….

Life throws many curves at you and people often find it difficult to find the strength to tackle those curves. The resilience needed to bounce back is often lost sometimes leading to a downward spiral.

Facing challenges and being triumphant over them is even more difficult when your brain isn’t healthy. By this I mean how your brain literally functions, i.e. how it processes thoughts, makes decisions, guides emotions, performs recall and direct 100’s of other processes in your body.

A brain that isn’t functioning optimally increases the likelihood of you coming out at the other end of a bad situation demotivated and torn.

This is one aspect of life I am, as many others are, quite familiar with. The curve balls of life and the wounds they leave can feel like there is no coming back. But what has been clear to me is the difference in my reactions, responses and perspective with having a healthy functioning brain.

Before I embraced a healthy lifestyle the hole I would sink into when anything bad happened was deep and dark. Although I knew that what happened wasn’t the end of the world it always still felt like it.

But when I took the junk out of my life, which started with the crappy food I was eating, the holes weren’t so deep anymore, although at that time, apart from losing weight, the positive effects of changing how I ate just glossed over me. The losing weight thing was HUGE though. That did not gloss over me at all! This little step alone of changing my diet very nicely shaved my weight. It started in 2010. I lost about 25 lbs and have kept it off. The secret I started out with to do that was a “deeeeep desire” to make a change.

Losing the weight was wonderful, but then….

My brain took a drastic turn when I plunged wholeheartedly into fully embracing a healthy lifestyle which wasn’t just about getting rid of the junk but included consuming nutritious foods, removing many toxins from my life and incorporating life practices that made me smile and be grateful. What I was doing was nourishing my brain! This is where I found my clarity and where I was able to build my strength and resilience.

When faced with challenges my inner reactions, outward responses and my perspective are different; they are healthy. This is all the result of fixing my brain.

The brain is powerful and fascinating. It directs everything you think, feel, experience and do. Your environment, your food choices and your mindset strongly influences how your brain does these things. Allowing your brain to flourish means giving yourself permission to live your best life. I will help you do this.

Live Healthy…Be Happy.